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Boys Youth Summer Season

Update as of June 15, 2020

Sadly, it appears we are not going to be able to  have a youth lacrosse season this summer. At the  YLM (Youth Lacrosse of Minnesota) board meeting this past week, the final statement was, “it is highly unlikely we will be able to have a season this year” based on the following reasons:

  • Lacrosse has been listed as a “high risk” sport, which means we cannot compete. 
  • At least 1/3 of the associations have already dropped out.
  • No communities have committed to opening fields for competition.
  • Group sizes of only 25 are allowed in Minnesota and we need at least 50.
  • Social Distancing will stay in effect indefinitely.
  • The Hudson school board met Monday evening and has not changed the guidelines. Therefore, we can not have more than 10 persons on an entire field. They will not be readdressing this until July 6.
  • The Woodbury Black & Blue has cancelled.
  • The Viking Goat still does not have a location.

-HALA Board


Updated: May 21, 2020


Here is the current plan for the 2020 Boys Youth Lacrosse season:


If we get the go ahead to play we will follow the YLM format as follows:

  • Teams will be 7v7, including goalie.
  • Rosters will be 12 players max. 
  • 8-10 games for 8 & 10U.
  • 10 game minimum for 12 & 14U.
  • 2 coaches per team.
  • No State Tournament
  • Season will run July 1 to August 14. 1-2 games per week.
  • Fans will likely have to stay in their car.
  • There will be no A/B teams. Teams will be balanced as best possible.

All Health & Safety protocols set forth by the State of WI, MN, YLM and US Lacrosse will be followed.


Additional scrimmages will be scheduled if possible.

**Note: the 7v7 is based upon allowing groups of 50, which would then allow for 24 players, 4 coaches, 2 officials and 2 at the scorers table.


Key dates:

* June 15 YLM go/no go date--additional info on what is considered in this decision is below

* IF by June 8 we feel there will be a season we will make plans for the following:

     * Registration June 16-21.

       * We will open up one team per age group, and then create a waiting list for a second.   

           There will NOT be tryouts. 

       * Rosters will be published by June 26.

       * Practice-at-home starts June 8..  HALA to provide basic practice plan and videos.

       * Games start 7/1 thru 8/14, with 1-2 games per week

       * Practices will start after July 1st, with two practices per week, per age group, per team.

        * We will have some sort of meeting/practice prior to July 1 in order to hand out

           uniforms have a team meeting.

         *Hudson School Board meeting June 8. 


Reduced Registration:





* Fees includes YLM season and fields usage fees only, no tournaments. If tournaments

become available we will address additional fees at that time.


Our Go/No Go decision will be based upon three things:

1. We will have to be guaranteed access to fields for at least 7 teams of 14 people,  2x/week

2. Social distancing requirement will have to go away in MN.

3. We will have to be allowed to have groupings of at least 50 people in MN.

Note: As many of you may already know the Hudson School Board is now allowing

groups of 10 to be on school property. Unfortunately, this does not solve our dilemma

as we will have 14 per team (12 players & 2 coaches), and we still don’t know if we

have a league to play in. The School Board will readdress this on June 8. If at that

time, we can have larger groups and it looks like YLM will go ahead, we will adjust

plans to start as soon as possible.


Girls lacrosse: 

MSLAX made the commitment that if the boys get to play so will the girls. No

guarantee on this as they will have to vote on it and get access to fields, but they

made a commitment to do their best to create some sort of opportunity to play.


Health & Safety Protocols:

There are a number of local associations, as well as US Lacrosse and YLM that are

putting together “return to play” policies. Once those come out we will adopt one or all

of them.



*  Woodbury Black & Blue is unlikely to happen (July 11& 12)

* The Viking Goat Tournament is currently scheduled for July 18 & 19. 

* No State Tournaments

There are currently some local tournament scheduled in August and October that we can possibly participate in.


Fall Lacrosse:

Fall Lacrosse will be available through Homegrown Lacrosse, with assistance from

HALA. We will gauge the interest and availability of a fall season and address it as we

get closer.


What we recommend:

Have your child call some friends and play Chumash!!!

This is a variation of lacrosse that designed to be played by small groups and develop

quickness, stick skills and playing skills on both sides of the ball. Below is a video as

to how the game is played and I have attached directions as to how to build a net. We

have been playing this game for years with various groups and the boys LOVE IT!! 

Judd & Roger have been threatening to have a Chumash tournament at some point,

this may be the year….

**Feel free to make changes to rules and field size as you need, however a crease of

some sort is a good idea. The big crease is unnecessary. 


Go Raiders!!



Girls Youth Summer Season

Unfortunately,  MSLax has cancelled the Girls Youth summer season.  We will continue to communicate if any late summer opportunities arise. 

How is COVID-19 affecting HALA?

April 16, 2020

Hope this finds you in good health and staying safe.  Most of you have received communication regarding the newly released Governor's "Safer at Home" orders to extend through May 26.  Our hopes for the boys high school season has diminished with schools being closed for the rest of this school year. We will have a virtual board meeting this Sunday evening to review the situation and will communicate updates early next week.

Thank you for your patience and flexibility during this unknown time. 

Youth Field Registration for both boys & girls is currently still on hold. With the Safer at Home Order in place,  practices can not yet be held.   YLM and Mslax are  registering teams so there is still hope for summer season; though we don't know what that season will look like. 

We will keep you posted as soon as more information becomes available to us. 

YOUTH FIELD REGISTRATION OPENS APRIL 13th at 6 pm. Follow the registration tab above.  Currently on HOLD due to the "Safer-at-Home Order" and not knowing when our season will begin.  We will post additional information as soon as it becomes available. 


Parents & Youth players - click the link below to shop our SPIRIT WEAR store!  GIRLS & BOYS HS PLAYERS, PLEASE SEE LINK ON YOUR PAGES

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Tuesday June 16th  7:00 pm
Please email if you plan on attending.

Keep the sport of lacrosse going strong in our community by taking an active role.  

Clinics and Travel Team Opportunities

Image result for clinics and opportunities lacrosse

  • Congrats to our 14U Platinum Girls on their 2nd place win at MSLax this weekend!!
  • Congrats to Girls 10U on the first win at MSLax tourney today! Here’s to more!!
  • This picture says it all!! Congrats to our 14U girls for their MSLax championship!
  • 14A 2019 Viking Goat Champs!
  • U14- 2019 Woodside Tournament Champs
  • Sophie Barker & Hilda Nuutinen 2019 State All-Star
  • Hollis Erskine 2019 State All-Star
  • Halle Powers Scholarship Recipient
  • Try Lacrosse for Free had a GREAT turnout!
  • Coach attend Coaches Clinic

Weather Cancellations

Image result for lightning clipart

The head referee and coaches will keep an eye on any weather that may develop on the day of a game and will communicate with one another if there is a need to cancel a scheduled game. 
If weather develops near the time of a scheduled game, players are to report to the game field and wait for the head referee to make a call as to whether they will play, postpone or cancel the game.   
If there is lightening, all teams must leave the field area and take shelter.  Play can not resume until 30 minutes with no additional lightening/thunder have passed. 

Hudson Area Lacrosse

The Hudson Area Lacrosse Association was formed in 2008 with the goal of supporting and promoting the exciting sport of lacrosse in Hudson and surrounding communities.

Please feel free to contact any Board Member by using the "Board" tab at the top of the page
HALA P.O. 1619 Hudson, WI 54016

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